PayLine Direct. Collect More and Faster.

Drawing from decades of experience in debtor psychology integrated with state-of-the-art technologies, we’ve designed a debtor-friendly experience that ensures the "best possible result" and larger payments for you. PayLine is transforming the collection and ARM industry in ways no one could have imagined. As it turns out, contrary to the belief that high pressure tactic yields better results, consumers unwittingly pay higher settlements in a stress-free, relaxed setting when they have a sense of control over the transaction. The debtor controls the mouse. You control the deal. PayLine controls the process. Our innovative approach allows you to retain even those debtors who cannot pay today. UGotiate is ready when debtor is not. UGotiate is an advanced self-help debt resolution system that encourages debtors to create a plan to save money to resolve debts later. Through UGotiate, you stay connected so you can collect, later.
PayLine is not just another payment gateway. It’s the fastest and easiest way to cut cost and increase your revenue; like having your best negotiator collecting around the clock.
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Collect 24/7/365

Agent-free SmartNegotiator cuts deals 24/7/365. It’s like having your best negotiator collecting around the clock.
Invite debtors to PayLine and you’ll collect payments even when your collectors aren’t in the office. That means you’ll receive payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At night, on weekends, even on holidays. You’ll collect more, faster – all while cutting your cost and increasing your revenue. Your entire collection process is on auto-pilot so you don’t have to think about it. Upload files, create parameters for each campaign, invite your debtors and then sit back and watch the automated collections.
Debtor can pay with a credit or debit card, checking or savings account. You can process credit/debit card and ACH payments in real time or download payment file to process in your current software later.
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Present options, Collect more

Bridge the gap between you and debtors. By putting the debtor in control of resolving their debt online, you empower them to pay their debt.
PayLine is different. It appeals to each consumer by providing personalized options that they appreciate. Debtor can select to pay their balance in full today or over several months or to make offers to settle for less with the interactive SmartNegotiator. The process is automated and seamless based on your predetermined parameters. It’s like having your best collector negotiating with every debtor.
Zero in on full payment
Options to pay the balance in full in one payment or over several months. Flexible due dates allow debtor to schedule payment when affordable. You are notified about all scheduled, received or failed payments. Reports to track progress.
Settle for the best
PayLine’s collector-free environment puts the debtor at ease, leading to higher settlements. It simplifies the negotiation process for you - No paper-work, no phone calls, no calculations and no worries. The SmartNegotiator negotiates with the debtor based on the parameters you provide. You win the battle without even participating in it. And you save time and money all the while!
Counter offers they can’t refuse
Interactive negotiations leads to success. A range of counter offers are presented during each round, based on the conditions you set. Built in intelligence creates dynamic counter offers that mimics actual, live negotiations between a collector and debtor. The best part: the debtor feels in control and at ease which results in higher collections for you.
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Collect Later with UGotiate

Retain debtors who can't pay today
UGotiate is first class technology for consumers to manage and resolve their debts on their own, all online. UGotiate is an additional revenue steam for you; it allows you to stay connected with debtors to collect easier later. UGotiate guides the debtor to create a plan to put money aside each month to resolve their debt in time. Eventually they will be ready to negotiate with you. UGotiate keeps you connected so you won’t miss an opportunity to collect later.

Improve your business today

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